Zhejiang Quzhou Youpont Fluoro-Material Co., Ltd.
 Zhejiang Quzhou Youpont Fluorine Material Co., Ltd. is located in the largest organic fluorination base in the country ---- Zhengzhou Juhua Group Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang Province. It is a company engaged in the processing of fluorine products and new fluorine refrigerant substitutes and related fluorine chemicals. .  Use Juhua PTFE high-quality resin to process polytetrafluoroethylene materials and products. The main products include polytetrafluoroethylene plates, polytetrafluoroethylene molded rods, polytetrafluoroethylene gaskets, pipes, gaskets, expanded raw material belts, and elasticity. With turning plates, turning films, turning belts and various filler products, special-shaped parts, etc .; the use of traditional fluorides R11, R12, R22, R134a to produce new refrigerants including R404, R407, R410, etc., and the production of perfluorinated chemicals such as Related fluorochemicals such as fluoroiodoethane.  The company's products have been widely used in fluoride industry, chlor-alkali, valve machinery, anti-corrosion instruments, especially F4 insulation rods, F4 insulation ring hair, F4 insulation flat pads, and widely used in chlor-alkali industry diaphragm modification.  All products are widely praised by customers, and various products are processed according to user requirements to provide users with a full range of demand guarantee.
 Zhejiang Yinzhou Youbang Fluorine Material Co., Ltd. is a bright pearl in China's fluoride industry city.