What have we learned from Teflon sheet?

Today, what we want to know is Teflon sheet. Do you know what Teflon is?

Mention an easy-to-understand word "plastic", you must know it, maybe you are using it now, why do we need this? Why is it so widely used now?

Let's walk into this material and take a closer look.

This board is made of 100% pure Teflon through various processes such as molding, turning, cutting and so on.

We learned that it has the best chemical resistance among known plastics, does not age, is electrically insulated, and has a very low coefficient of friction. It can be used at temperatures from -180 to +260 degrees under no load. Use. Suitable for sealing materials such as flat gaskets, V-shaped gaskets, lining materials, lubricating materials such as piston rings, guide rails, electrical insulation materials, anti-sticking materials, etc.

From the above excellent performance, we know why it is so popular, because we know that especially in industrial production, many equipment and instruments are subject to corrosion and aging, but many industrial production equipment are one-stop, The whole set, if the product used is treated, the corrosion resistance is too poor. In order to normal production and safety, it often needs to be replaced. Once replaced, it needs to face a large amount of capital consumption, resulting in excessive costs. Therefore, the selection of materials and key connections Site, some necessary factors need to be carefully considered.

If this product is anti-aging, strong anti-corrosion ability, suitable for chemical industry, temperature tolerance, these are all important considerations, which are also the prerequisites that affect equipment, components normal and long-term use.

In fact, polytetrafluoroethylene products are very rich in variety, it can be produced according to demand and has excellent performance, so it has always been very popular.