PTFE products are so good

In our daily life and work, we have to come into contact with many items every day. There are various kinds of raw materials for the production of these items. Let's take a look together today. A familiar name, but mentioning its ingredients, you may not be able to link the two.

Teflon products . Do you know what these words are? In fact, it is not a person in the industry. I don't know what this kind of article is. Maybe everyone will think about whether it is a chemical product that is used in some special industries.

But change the angle, change the name, if you use plastic king, would you understand better? Everyone knows that plastics are indispensable in our lives. We often buy food in our homes and reach the production and use of some industrial chemical industries. This product is used in all aspects of life and work.

Let ’s take a closer look together. This kind of product is transparent or translucent. The higher the crystallinity, the worse the transparency. The raw materials are mostly powdered resins or concentrated dispersions, which have extremely high molecular weight and are highly crystalline thermoplastic polymers. Suitable for making anti-corrosive parts, anti-wear parts, seals, insulation parts and medical equipment parts.

Among them, the corrosion resistance is a prominent feature. This performance is an issue that cannot be ignored in our production. In some important parts, during the use process, corrosion will inevitably occur, and the corrosion is severe. Will cause the machine to fail to work, resulting in hidden safety hazards, especially in some important connections, gaskets made of polytetrafluoroethylene are currently used, because this material is resistant to acid and alkali, and even "aqua regia" dare not treat it That's why it deserves the title "Plastic King".

In the process of use, the anti-aging ability is also very strong, suitable for use in various severe environments.