Teflon insulation rod, insulation ring (pad)

Teflon insulation rod, insulation ring (pad)

Product Details

Isolation rod:

Features: Polytetrafluoroethylene insulation rod is made of dispersed polytetrafluoroethylene resin. It has excellent corrosion resistance in known plastics, does not age, resists electric shock, and has good insulation properties.

Application: Modification and expansion of electrolytic cell in chlor-alkali industry, performance of positive and negative electrode isolation of electrolytic cell.

Specifications: Φ2 × 1700 Φ3 × 1700 Φ4 × 1700

Insulation ring:

Uses: The connection between the diaphragm and the anode plays a role of fastening, sealing and insulation.

Specifications: Φ40 × 17 × 30

Insulation flat pad:

Application: Sealing effect between anode plate flange and anode bottom plate.

Specifications: Φ50 × 30 × 5