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Excellent characteristics of PTFE extruded rod raw materials
- 2019-11-21-

The production process of polytetrafluoroethylene extruded rod can be clearly felt from the name, it is produced by extrusion.

Because the raw materials of this product are resistant to acids and alkalis, even "aqua regia" can't take him. So it is generally suitable for working in corrosive media, such as working gaskets, seals and lubricating materials.

The pad is a packaging member that is used to fix the product according to different shapes and weak parts of the product, to ensure that the product does not move during transportation, and has a cushioning effect. As a packaging member with a cushioning effect, the main role of the cushion is to reduce or reduce the damage of the inner packaging items by external impact. Common buffer materials are EPS, EPE, PE, PP, pulp molding, corrugated cardboard, on-site foaming, etc.

Seals are materials or parts that prevent fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent joint surfaces and prevent foreign impurities such as dust and moisture from invading parts inside the machine.

Many relative moving surfaces in an aircraft must be lubricated to reduce friction, wear, and stickiness. In flight, the engine lubrication system fails, and the main shaft and gears may sinter, bite or even break instantly; the motor will be burned out without good lubrication; the instrument will not work properly without good lubrication. Lubricating materials are divided into three categories according to physical state and characteristics: lubricating oil, grease and solid lubricants.

From the above three application fields, we can know that the raw materials of this product are: corrosion resistance, inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents. High lubrication is the lowest friction coefficient among solid materials, and this characteristic is a common problem encountered in production and life.

This kind of raw material can be well solved, and it can be seen that it is functional and powerful.