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Are you unfamiliar with PTFE molding materials?
- 2019-11-21-

Teflon moulding material , this product is still relatively unfamiliar to everyone, but by the name, we should be able to know its manufacturing process, this product should be formed by pressing, is a plate.

But what are the specific raw materials? In fact, this raw material is polytetrafluoroethylene commonly known as "the king of plastic".

Many excellent properties of this raw material are very worthy of recognition, such as acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties.

But there is another kind of performance that everyone may be worried about, is it poisonous? Because this material is called "the king of plastics", then everyone will definitely be associated with plastics. Plastics are poisonous to human bodies And the current environment have a very large impact, especially "white pollution", and the current environmental protection conflicts are becoming increasingly serious.

However, at present, you don't need to worry about this kind of raw materials. It is non-toxic, has physiological inertia, and has no adverse reactions when implanted in the body as a prosthetic blood vessel and organ for a long time. Can be used with confidence.

This kind of plate is currently mainly used as electrical insulation materials and linings in contact with corrosive media, supporting sliders, rail seals and lubricating materials. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye industry containers, storage tanks, reaction tower kettles, and large pipelines. Anticorrosive lining materials; sliders, guide rails for machinery, construction, transportation bridges; anti-adhesive materials for printing and dyeing, light industry, textile industry, etc.

We can understand that it plays an important role in many fields, and the scope of application is more and more extensive, it is a product worthy of everyone's affirmation.

In fact, with the development of the times and science and technology, more and more products will be developed in the future, but I think what will remain unchanged in the future is that new products with environmental protection as the core and many excellent properties will be more and more More and more.