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Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology investigates Luzhou fluorine materials industry technology innovation strategic alliance
- 2019-11-25-

On the afternoon of June 20, Deputy Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Party Secretary and Deputy Minister Chang Shoujian Gang and a group of 9 people investigated the construction of the Shengzhou Fluoromaterials Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. Mao Jianmin, deputy mayor of the municipal government and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

The research team inspected the group's fine chemical laboratory and production bases with an annual output of 60,000 tons of PVDC new food packaging materials. At the subsequent forum, Du Shiyuan introduced the development of Juhua Group in recent years and its next development direction. Wu Zhouan, assistant to the general manager of Juhua Group, reported on the construction and operation of the alliance over the past year and its next work plan. Representatives of the members of the alliance summarized the experience and practices of the alliance since the establishment of the alliance each year to achieve their respective advantages and achieve success and complementarity.

Deputy Director Shou Jiangang fully affirmed the strong development momentum of Juhua Group in recent years and the effective operation of the technological innovation strategic alliance of the fluorine material industry. Minister Shou pointed out that the upstream and downstream of the alliance have strong mutual benefits and good cooperation. Member units restrict each other through contracts and other forms. When solving common problems, they cooperate with each other and fight in groups. The leading companies are strong and promote the alliance's cohesion. The formation of the alliance has better achieved mutual promotion and win-win results. Finally, the Minister of Life hopes that the members of the fluorine material industry technology innovation strategic alliance will further strengthen the alliance, complement each other's advantages, mutually beneficial and win-win, long-term cooperation, and common development, with Juhua Group as the core, unity, cooperation, joint research, comprehensive, full Bring into play the role of the industrial technology innovation strategic alliance and make new and greater contributions to the innovation and leapfrog development of the Luzhou fluorine materials industry.